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Bright Futures Farm is a trusted, well-respected 501(c)(3) equine charity located in Pennsylvania. Since 2000, our mission has been to save horses of all breeds from abuse, neglect, and slaughter. We have rescued horses from near death, starvation, abuse, and neglect, and we have assisted owners who have reached out for help for their beloved steeds when they can no longer care for them. Every horse, upon arrival at our facility, is examined by a skilled volunteer, and then by our veterinarian. Based upon our veterinarian’s findings, we begin a plan for rehab (if necessary) with the ultimate goal being a healthy horse that will find a new, forever home through our adoption program. Every horse that is determined to be ride-able is vetted as if we were doing a pre-purchase exam. Riding horses are evaluated under saddle and reschooled (if needed) for new careers. In 2015 we established our TARP Program (Thoroughbred Advocacy, Retraining & Placement). We work with trainers and owners at area racetracks to find homes for Thoroughbreds when they are done racing. All Thoroughbreds coming off the track (i.e. Off Track Thoroughbreds or OTTB’s) are sent to one of our professional trainers for training for specific disciplines. They are then offered for adoption.

Our founder, Bev Dee, also volunteers for CANTER Pennsylvania and works with owners, trainers, and the HBPA at Presque Isle Downs Racetrack in Erie PA during racing season. She takes video and photos of horses that are coming off the track and need new homes. She knows that Bright Futures Farm can’t take them all, and has found this to be a gratifying way to help more Thoroughbreds. Bright Futures Farm also provides permanent sanctuary to elderly and disabled horses that have often been callously discarded because they were too old and no longer useful, and there are currently 14 horses in permanent residence at our Cochranton, PA farm.

Bright Futures Farm is proud to be accredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (w and we have been awarded the Guidestar Gold Seal, which demonstrates our commitment to transparency. Guidestar ( is the premier source for up to date, accurate information about charities across the country. Network for Good is a well-known and trusted fundraising platform for charities, and you will find many testimonials for Bright Futures Farm on their site,

We operate strictly by the book and always with the goal of putting the welfare of our horses first. Our horses are regularly examined and treated by veterinarians, farriers, and equine dentists, and are fed top-quality hay and feed, including Southern States and Purina. Our horses are also given chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and massage therapy as needed.